The Ebbco Cyclone Filtration System is designed to remove stone particulate from water. A heavy-duty centrifugal pump is placed directly inside the floor pit, which incorporates a custom sweeper package to keep dirt from settling. Dirty water from the collection pit is delivered to the Cyclone Filtration System at optimized flow and pressure. Water is polished down to 10 micron by a series of hydro-cyclones before entering a 2,600-gallon gray water holding tank. A coagulant settling agent automatically injects a solution into the filtered water before entering the conical holding tank. The holding tank then overflows excess water back into the dirty water collection pit for continuous recirculation. All particles greater than 10-micron are deposited into a sludge hopper lined with a heavy-duty disposable bag for easy disposal. The gray water delivery pump delivers the gray water from the holding tank to the entire shop at 75 psi. Optional Hurricane Filtration Systems provide point of use crystal clear water, which is cleaner than city water, as needed up to the established system flow rate.

Product benefits include:

  • Reduce your water bill up to 90%
  • Water clarity suitable for general shop
  • No need for multiple pits
  • Custom built for any shop requirements
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.