The Ebbco Cyclone Filtration System from Ebbco Inc. is designed to filter and deliver uninterrupted gray water to the entire shop. The system’s closed-loop design reuses 99% of shop water, eliminating daily fresh water consumption and consolidating waste disposal into easily manageable bags.

The Ebbco Cyclone System is designed to remove solids from stoneworking applications by continuously filtering the water from the dirty water pit and floor flumes. This system uses centrifugal action to remove troublesome solids, extending the effective life of the processed water and protecting the equipment from the effects of abrasive wear and tear. The filter pump sends the water from the dirty water pit through a Lakos separator, a portion of that fluid is processed further by the cyclones to remove particles down to 10 micron and establish the shops needed gray water volume. Fine solids are purged into a sludge hopper bag for easy disposal. Gray water is stored in a conical bottom clarifying tank, which overflows back to the dirty water pit. Processed water is then pumped throughout the shop at 75 PSI. Added Hurricane Filtration provides crystal clear water as needed up to the established system flow rate. 

Product benefits include:

  • Reduce your water bill up to 90%
  • Water clarify suitable for general shop
  • Heavy-duty seal-less system pump
  • Sludge collection receptable with disposal liner
  • No need for multiple pits
  • Custom built for your requirements
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.