What: June is ice cream month at Braxton-Bragg and its tool vans/trucks are being outfitted with ice cream to hand out this month. 

What: They are delivering ice cream to their van service area customers to show appreciation and demonstrate their high level of service and product offerings.

Why: It has been a rough few months and Braxton-Bragg wants to bring some treats and joy to customers, along with a great selection of tools!

Braxton-Bragg Is More Than Just an Ice Cream Truck

But, Braxton-Bragg’s delivery van is not just another old ice cream truck, with only a few pre-stocked flavors!!

They are here to serve customers. on their website, on the phones, in vans, and with their knowledgeable inside and outside sales consultants.

Braxton-Bragg has the service, experience and products customers need to make their job simpler.

From CNC machines, tooling, pads, blades to all the accessories fabricators need, Braxton-Bragg has you covered with quality products and consultation.

So, that’s like premium ice cream, with whipped cream, chocolate and sprinkles on top.

Braxton-Bragg vans are stocked with what customers need, not just what was leftover in a warehouse.

And, Although they always bring their exclusive brands, they have the most popular national brands as well.

But more than trucks, Braxton-Bragg is a partner and a resource to grow your business, like it has done for 26 years.