Brembana Formax BT is the state-of-the-art automated high-production sawing line that is available in the stone market today. This line begins with a tilting table to receive the slabs to be processed. The loading of the slabs onto the tilting table could be done manually using a vacuum lift with a jib crane or with a CNC robotic arm. Then, through the use of an automated processing system using a bar code or RFID (radio frequency), the slabs are transferred automatically to the cutting area.

The sawing system has a vacuum manipulator to separate the nested pieces in order to complete cross cuts without disrupting other slab placements, Also, there is a drilling and/or milling attachment you can customize to process both sink cut-outs and/or faucet holes.

This line can also be equipped with an undercut sawing unit to process the grooves for steel rods. Once the slab is completely cut and processed, the entire slab is now moved to an unloading area. Simultaneously during this process, a new slab is loaded onto the cutting area and the process continues.

With this system you can process 25+ slabs in an eight-hour shift using only one operator. A photo nesting system can be adopted either online or off-line depending on the customer’s needs. This line is proudly sold and serviced directly by CMS North America, who has historically been the first manufacturer of CNC machines for stone in the entire North American market.