The Falcon is the latest in sawing and motion-control technology from CMS/Brembana. The machine is a complete automated 5-axis interpolated CNC bridge saw with a built-in Auto Robotic Manipulator (A.R.M.) for loading/unloading of slabs - especially for the manipulation of pieces within nested slabs. The A.R.M. can be programmed to separate pieces and make space for the blade to complete a cross cut.

The Falcon has a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds, and it is able to pick up a piece as small as 2 x 4 inches, reports CMS/Brembana. The Falcon also has a patented “Corner Blade” fixed on the nose of the spindle that can cut and separate the internal corner material from the slab in a single motion that takes approximately 40 seconds. The software seeks and detects an internal corner automatically and applies the corner blade tool during execution of the program. Even an L-shaped piece can be moved away by the A.R.M. for the Falcon to continue its cutting process without human intervention, according to the manufacturer.

The Falcon also has an optional Undercut Blade System (U.B.S.) and a drill attachment to complete the slots for steel rods and blind drills for the sink mount. The steel rod slots can be cut at 0 and 90 degrees as standard, and at any other angle, depending on the configuration and orientation of the worktable, according to CMS/Brembana, adding that the Falcon is also ideal to be configured in a fully automatic production line such as Brembana’s Continuous Production Modules (CPM). The Falcon will be featured at the CMS/Brembana International Open House in Grand Rapids, MI, on July 23, 24 and 25, 2009.