For over 40 years, Omag addresses the market without forgetting its own design experience born for large plants. Every single element can be customized to guarantee its customers small or large size machines that are capable of being able to carry out all the operations required to a small-, medium- or large-sized fabrication shop.

Omag machines are equipped with Easy and Fast System Process Controls, providing state-of-the-art process control in a user-friendly environment. The high speed of the movement of the axis is guaranteed by a full digital brushless motorization -- combined with a sliding movement on linear guide rails and ball bearing blocks. A blade machine means unique technology, precision and reliability. A numerical control working center is projected to work with large saws and milling tools of all the measures, marble, stone or granite.

The Blade5 machine is a 5-axis interpolated CNC working center for cutting, shaping, polishing, sculpting, contouring and can be customized with single or dual tables. It has a vertical axis stroke 2 mt/78,74”. A CNC lathe for carving columns is also an option for this multifunction CNC center.