CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With the debut of the new Diamut Presetter  at TISE, CNC peripheral tool setting will never be the same again. Diamut’s latest innovation offers a quick and easy way to preset CNC tooling offline, outside of the machine, to reduce the tooling setup time, while improving accuracy.

Our advanced optical tool measurement system allows operators to measure a complete profile set, with ease, in under five minutes.  This system allows precision accuracy for the setup, allowing for Diamut tooling to run at “true hyper speeds” and maximizing the tooling life.

The Diamut Presetter is a device that performs the measurement or scanning of the tool’s geometry through software developed by Diamut.  It transfers all the parametric information needed to use the tooling directly within the machine, fully preparing the data to line up challenging profiles.  An operation that was once performed by an operator is now accomplished automatically with extreme precision.  Simplified actions serve to minimize errors, and the Presetter's ability to work offline with respect to the CNC machine helps users avoid downtime, thus increasing productivity. 

At TISE StonExpo, you can see exactly how Presetter makes it simple to automatically define every geometric consistency of the tool, minimizing time wasted in getting settings precisely right. In addition to saving time, eliminating errors and impacting issues with tool life, it has anti-dust bellows that protect optical lines, sliding guides and parts sensitive to the realities of industrial environments.

According to Peter Hauser, Diamut North America Sales Manager, “The Diamut Presetter eliminates downtime and increases the efficiency of the operator.  The process drastically reduces the risk for error and the loss of time during the operation. We’re eager to be at the show and demonstrate to customers how it can make it difference in their operational ease and productivity.”