Technology continually is evolving to keep up with customer demands. In addition to improving upon CNC tooling and accessories that are already available for cutting natural stone and quartz surfacing, manufacturers are now developing new products for cutting alternative hard surfaces such as compact sintered stone and porcelain slabs. These materials are growing in popularity, and as a result, fabricators are looking for solutions to cutting them most efficiently. The following is a sampling of the many new product introductions in CNC tooling and accessories.

Super Bit

Absolute Black Diamond


Absolute Black Diamond


Super Bit is a micro incremental cutting tip (8mm) for 5-axis saws. It is useful for high-speed cutting, square corners, vents, outlets, scribing letters and numbers, detailed inlays, drainboards, etc. The super bit is a long-lasting, super accurate tool for extra tight work areas or unusual shapes. It can run on all materials, at high speed. It is available exclusively from Absolute Black Diamond.

Manifold Cup

Better Vacuum Cups


Better Vacuum Cups


New from Better Vacuum Cups, a Manifold Cup available in 105, 120, 150, 180 and 200mm tall. Clean up all the spider lines across your table with this functioning cup. Use the cup in the center of the table and run your lines from the manifold out. Easy turn on with one valve.

Vanity Sink Suction Cup

Blick Industries


Vanity Sink Suction Cup Blick Industries


Having problems holding vanity tops? Want something that is easy to set up? The Vanity Sink Suction Cup Set is designed around the industry’s most popular sinks (Kohler 2209, 2210, 2211). With its symmetrical design, the cups can be used on both sides of the sink bowl. This cup can be made at any height and is available in most popular fitting sizes.

Suction Cups



Suction Cups Braxton-Bragg


Blick Industries, the authority in vacuum workholding,
has the largest selection of suction cups in the industry. Features include:

  • Every product is designed, manufactured, warehoused and assembled in the USA
  • The highest quality with the lowest prices in the industry
  • Every product is ready-to-use right out of the box -- no need to build it
  • More than 20 years of experience and knowledge that you can count on

Cyclone Z Wheels



Diamax Cyclone Z Wheels


Diamax Industries continues to expand its CNC product line with the addition of Cyclone Z Wheels. The wheels are designed to extend the life of your position one profile bits by removing excess stock material. They are ultra-aggressive and fast at cleaning edges at minimal spindle loads. Available in both 60mm and 80mm diameters, the Cyclone Z Wheels are an asset to your CNC product line. Product details:

  • 35 mm bore
  • For use on granite and engineered stone
  • Wet use only

HYS2 (Hyper Speed Solution) Tooling



Diamut HYS2 (Hyper Speed Solution) Tooling


Diamut’s HYS2 tooling marked a revolutionary turn for Diamut, drastically increasing CNC feed rates to improve its clients’ production. Carefully constructed of premium materials, this remarkable tooling now has a high-performance bond and diamond strength and is capable of achieving feed rates up to 500 inches/min or 12,700 mm/min.

Ad-Vise CNC Tool Press



GranQuartz Ad-Vise CNC Tool Press


Removing used tooling from CNC connection cones is often difficult when it is worn, rusted or bound to the cone from use. Damaging the bore or profile surface by aggressive tool removal can mean ruining the tool. It is very important to safely remove the tooling in a manner that enables EDM processing, increasing the useful life of the bit. The GranQuartz Ad-Vise CNC tool press is an easy-to-use accessory that will save you time, frustration and money by removing the tooling from the cone using direct upward pressure against the face of the bit, leaving the bore and diamond shaping surface untouched.




Intermac EasyStone


EasyStone CAD/CAM software features simple navigation powered by a Windows operating system. This innovative software seamlessly controls every stage of the process from cutting to routing, integrating their Donatoni bridge saw with their Master CNC router.

EasyStone by DDX for Master 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machines can create and import 2D and 3D projects in widely used standard formats (.dxf, .stl, .iges). It also easily imports images using standard formats (.jpg, .bmp) and converts them for programming and machining bas relief and intricate carvings used in sculpting natural marble and other stone. High-resolution graphics simulate how a tool works on the part and where it will remove material.

5 Metal + 1 Rubber Wheels

Nicolai Diamant


Nicolai Diamant 5 Metal + 1 Rubber Wheels


Nicolai Diamant’s 5 Metal + 1 Rubber Wheels package is the ideal solution for fabricating engineered stone. With a wide stock removal range, these diamond tools can travel 30 feet per minute, meeting your every fabrication need.

By using only one polisher, tool life is prolonged, downtime is drastically reduced, changeover occurs less, decrease in one-use tools being wasted, redressing occurs less frequently and more time is created for fabricating.

Pulse High Speed Super Z Wheels

Regent Stone Products


Regent Stone Products Pulse High Speed Super Z Wheels


Regent is happy to introduce the new Pulsar High Speed Super Z wheels for your CNC router. Available in 60mm and 80mm diameter, these economically priced wheels can run at speeds of 110 inches per minute at 5mm removal. They wear consistently with an exceptionally long life.

8 Segment High Speed CNC Finger Bit

Salem Stone


Salem Stone 8 Segment High Speed CNC Finger Bit


This 8 segment High Speed CNC Finger Bit is manufactured by Bovone Diamond Tools (BDT) and offered by Salem Stone. It is designed for high-speed cutting of ultra-compact surfaces, especially Dekton and engineered stone, but performs extremely well on a full range of materials, including natural stone such as granite and marble. This BDT ½-inch gas thread bit has narrow segments that provide smooth, fast cutting with less chipping and breakage than conventional router bits.

Panther Finger Bits

Stone Boss


Panther Finger Bits Stone Boss


Panther Finger Bits are high-speed finger bits excellent for all types of granite/engineered stone. These fast-cutting bits can run at 5,500-6,000 rpm with a feed rate of 15 to 20 inches/min.






Terminator’s next generation Advanced Diamond Performance CNC tooling defies the old notion that high-performance tooling needs to come at a high price. With ADP, you get the industry’s fastest feed rates, longest tool life and uniquely formulated diamond matrix designed to hold shape integrity longer, resulting in less maintenance and less trips for EDMing service. You won’t find any over-hyped claims, just repeatable results that have been documented in real world production environments.






Since the start of stone fabrication on CNC machines, Tyrolit has been known for supplying top-quality profiling tools. Tyrolit aims to always be one step ahead and has now revolutionized the production of its CNC profile wheels in order to offer fabricators a boost in performance.

The revolutionary manufacturing process of HS-3 CNC tools allows a perfect hardness distribution right across the working surface to reduce profile deformation. The principal benefit to stone fabricators of the HS-3 series is the constant edge quality, which lasts during the entire lifetime of the wheel. This, in turn, allows longer intervals between tool reprofile or exchange.

Moreover, a completely new bond allows HS-3 wheels to work at feed rates of over 9m/min (350 inches/min).

Perfect hardness distribution, increased lifetime, ultra-high speed and outstanding edge quality are thus the main characteristics that place the HS-3 range at the cutting edge of CNC profiling tool development.

HS-3 wheels are available in a wide range of profiles and diameters to meet all customers’ needs.

The HS-3 range will be presented as a preview at Tyrolit’s booth (Hall 7, C8) during Marmomac 2019. The official launch will be held at the StonExpo (Booth #3423), part of The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, in January 2020.

OMA Green CNC Finger Bit



Weha OMA Green CNC Finger Bit


The OMA Green CNC Finger Bit is a modified 8 segment (20mm x 40mm) CNC finger bit for granite, marble or engineered stone. The OMA CNC Finger Bit is designed to run between 16 and 25 inches per minute, between 5,500 and 7000 rpm, depending on the stone being used. The life will be excellent and the wear will be even. This finger bit is an all-around, well-performing finger bit on practically all stone that is run through the CNC.

Zenesis™ 4 and 7 segment finger bits



Zenesis 4 and 7 segment finger bits


The Zenesis™ 4 and 7 segment finger bits provide top CNC performance on all stone materials. They deliver precise, quiet, chip-free cutting at faster speeds and can be used on soft to medium-hard materials (4 segments) or medium to hard materials (7 segments). The enhanced design utilizes the most advanced diamond pattern to-date, which increases durability and prevents premature wear so that the finger bits will last you even longer.