As CNC machinery for stone fabrication continues to advance, it is necessary for the tooling and accessories needed for these machines to improve technologically as well. Many manufacturers of these products are working closely with machinery manufacturers to design high-quality CNC tooling and accessories that are compatible with stone-cutting equipment. 

Tooling and accessories manufacturers have also been researching and developing new products that are effective in cutting quartz surfacing, as well as sintered stone and porcelain slabs. The following is a roundup of CNC tooling and accessories from some of the leading manufacturers.   

SS50400 sink rail



SS50400 sink rail Better Vacuum cup from BVC


No more clamping. Here it is, the SS50400 sink rail Better Vacuum cup from BVC. Customers are reporting twice the holding power as others at half the weight with no foam gasket. Not just a sink rail cup, this cup can be used in other areas as seen in the photo. Drop it on your table, route into it, abuse it? No problem. This BVC product will not damage your table or tooling and can be repaired and used again for free by installing the foam gasket in seconds to be running again. Non-corrosive parts can be swapped out in seconds.

Leatherhead Mini 



Leatherhead Mini from Blick Industries


Use your CNC router or CNC bridge saw to leather or hone your stone. The Leatherhead Mini adapts to any regular 35mm shaft tool holder and is small enough to fit in your machine’s tool rack. It comes with both 4- and 5-inch Snail Lock Adapters, and the 5-inch Snail Lock accepts both 5- and 6-inch brushes. It can be used on belt-driven and electro-spindle machines.

Diamut’s HYS2



HYS2 (Hyper Speed Solution)


HYS2 (Hyper Speed Solution) tooling marked a revolutionary turn for Diamut. This tooling drastically increases CNC feed rates to improve production. It is carefully constructed of premium materials, and now with high-performance diamonds and bond.

Zares II



3D optical CNC tool measuring system


Today, fabricators utilizing CNC routing machinery are faced with the frustrating issue of stopping production to calibrate their new/existing tooling. This process is time consuming, yields inconsistent results and is prone to human errors. The cost is thousands of dollars in lost production each month. Zares® II is a fully offline 3D optical CNC tool measuring system that integrates directly with your CNC routers. With the intuitive user-friendly software, sending measurements to your routers is as easy as clicking a button. You will never make a mistake again.

Cyclone CNC Finger Bit



reverse thread Cyclone CNC Finger Bit


Diamax recognizes the increased popularity of five-axis saws among fabricators and has developed special CNC tools for this growing market. The newly designed reverse thread Cyclone CNC Finger Bit comes with seven segments and a bottom segment for cutting through the hardest granite and engineered stone. It’s available in 1 5/8-inch length.   

Our new reverse-thread Super Cyclone Incremental Bit will outlast the competition with a meaty 22mm segment.  Use it on five-axis saws from Park Saber, Donatoni Jet and Sasso with either our reverse-thread 25mm or 70mm Cyclone CNC Mandrels.

Zoller Smile 3.0



Zoller 3.0 CNC pre-setter


The Zoller Smile 3.0 is a CNC pre-setter that quickly produces​ exact diameters of your CNC profiles, which is key to setting each position up with recommended stock removal parameters. Save valuable machine time and increase tool life by calibrating your tooling offline with the Zoller 3.0 CNC pre-setter.

Atlas CNC Tool Measurement System



Park Industries Atlas CNC Tool Measurement System


The Park Industries Atlas CNC Tool Measurement System is a new tool technology that will measure, provide a full report on the tool’s features and notify the operator when maintenance is due. Paired with Omega’s unrivaled imaging system, the Atlas will provide a detailed tool mapping indicating where the tool has been most worn down. The Atlas automatically sends tool information directly to the router to update measurements. Extend your tool life, maximize your uptime and ensure high-quality tools capable of providing the utmost accuracy are used for each project.

DS 15 x 37mm Finger Bit



small diameter CNC router bit


Regent Products now offers a small diameter CNC router bit for tight or zero radius sink cutouts. The 15mm diameter bit can cut 3/8-inch inside corners. Follow this with our 10mm diameter Z profile wheels from Marmoelettromeccanica and you can fabricate your zero radius sink cutouts from start to finish on your CNC router. These bits are also great for the newer and more compact CNC style routering machines, such as the soon-to-be-released Automated Fab Center by Rye Corp, the Sysmatic CNC by Ghines and others.

BDT tooling



Salem Stone diamond tooling and supplies


Salem Stone, your dedicated supplier for cutting edge diamond tooling and supplies, has the solution for fabricating Dekton®, Neolith®, Lapitec® and other ultra-compact surfaces and ceramic materials. Unique materials such as these require sophisticated technology to acquire supreme edge quality, and the latest series of wheels from BDT® provide you with the tools needed to complete even the toughest jobs. BDT’s innovation in diamond bonds allow all users to experience the ultimate performance.

Panther CNC Z35 Wheels



Panther CNC Z35 Wheels


Panther CNC Z35 Wheels are aggressive and long lasting. These Z35 Wheels are used for heavy stock removal. Recommended parameters: 5500 RPM and 80 IPM depending on the stock removal.

CNC profiling tools



Tyrolit CNC profiling tools


As a result of continuous research in the stone industry, Tyrolit developed, in synergy with machine manufacturers, stone fabricators and the ceramics industry, a wide range of CNC profiling tools to reach a high-quality standard finish in any granite, engineered stone or ceramic material.

The specifically developed bonds allow high feed speeds (5m/200 inches per minute), but minimum noise and spindle absorption. End-users may choose among a wide range of profiles and diameters and take advantage from its complete custom profile service.

Tyrolit, a company of the Swarovski group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diamond and abrasive tools. The Tyrolit Stone division has its global headquarters and principle production plant in Thiene, Italy.

OMA CNC 40mm x 20mm x 8 segment Finger Bit



OMA CNC 40mm x 20mm x 8 segment Finger Bit


The OMA CNC 40mm x 20mm x 8 segment Finger Bit is a modified 8 segment CNC finger bit for granite, marble and engineered stone. The OMA CNC Finger Bit is designed to run between 16 to 25 inches per minute between 5,500 to 7,000 rpm, depending on the stone being used. The life will be excellent, the wear will be even and the bit will provide an all-around, well performing finger bit on practically all stone that is run through the CNC.

Zenesis 4 and 7 segment finger bits 



Zenesis 4 and 7 segment finger bits


The Zenesis 4 and 7 segment finger bits provide top CNC performance on all stone materials. They deliver precise, quiet and chip-free cutting at faster speeds and can be used on soft to medium hard materials (four segments) or medium to hard materials (seven segments). The enhanced design utilizes our most advanced diamond pattern to date, which increases durability and prevents premature wear so that the finger bits will last even longer. Features include: 

  • ½-inch gas thread
  • Cuts granite and engineered stone
  • Wet use only

Recommended RPM ranges from 4,200 in hard material to 5,500 in softer material with a feed rate of 12 to 16 inches per minute