DES MOINES, IA -- Des Moines-based artists Kim and John Novotny announce a new stone art venture that captures images deep within the microscopic world of stone. The Midwestern artists and owners of Light the Earthstudio and gallery located at Mainframe Studios in downtown Des 

Moines are releasing a new line of limited edition photographs of macro images of the stone that 

they personally collect, cut and hone to a mirror finish.  

The Novotnys transport the viewer into a micro world, far beyond what the naked eye perceives. At the other end of the spectrum, the Hubble Space Telescope takes the person far beyond our solar system’s galaxies, billions of light years away.  Witness the similarities of photos captured through the microscopic lenses used by Light the Earth to that of the Hubble.

Observe relational characteristics that are seen repeatably and interchangeably between the 

micro to macro. 

“Our photos take the viewer on a voyage into a microscopic world of stunning color and design,” 

said Kim Novotny. “Through our photographs, Light the Earth is providing a glimpse into this 

curious and remarkable microscopic world in stone.”

For more than a decade, Light the Earthhas offered a unique experience at its one-of-a-kind fine 

art gallery specializing in natural stone artistry. For more information, please contact Kim and 

John Novotny at or visit