Knoxville, TN -- The new Braxton-Bragg iOS app is now available for download from Apple's app store. It is only available for the iPad and iPad mini. The full-featured e-commerce app offers secure credit card and on-account payment options so you can order products anytime, anywhere. "This very fast and full-featured app is designed to take advantage of Apple's new iOS seven operating system for the iPad," said Rich Hassert, CEO of Braxton-Bragg. "Once you start using the app, it will quickly become your favorite way to access Braxton-Bragg's products, videos and other industry resources."

Besides making it easy for you to purchase products, this app is also a tool to keep you in touch with the stone and tile industry. Features include:

  • Many videos available for learning, and to keep up to date on product features. The app can auto-sense your hardware and bandwidth to display videos optimized for your device from the video library
  • Access to publications Slippery Rock Gazette for industry news andThe Express Bulletin to find out about new products designed to make your job easier
  • Access important stone and tile industry and trade show information

The app is available for free at the app store.  From your iPad, open the app store and type "Braxton-Bragg" in the search bar.