Las Vegas, Nev. -- Stone Interiors recently announced it will send three deserving team members to TISE, January 28 to February 2 in Las Vegas, Nev., where they’ll learn the most innovative tools and business practices of the industry.

Stone Interiors owners attend the TISE each year: the conference combines exhibits from industry leaders and education opportunities, and draws attendees from over 100 countries. This year the company decided to hold a company-wide essay contest and invite three winning team members. From the 16 contestants who submitted essays, 3 were chosen thanks to their professional ambition and dedication to moving the company forward. For Stone Interiors employees, the opportunity to attend TISE represents more than just a reward for their efforts; it’s an opportunity to learn more about their place in the industry and bring that knowledge back to their teams.

One contest winner, Sarah Chapman, has always seen herself in a design role and is excited for her first opportunity to be immersed in the industry. “Ever since I was a little girl I was re-arranging furniture in my room and driving my parents crazy by constantly asking to paint the walls. It wasn't until my husband and I moved to Alabama and I was given the opportunity to work for Stone Interiors that I finally felt like I'm in the industry where I belong.”

These sentiments echo the main motivation for the contest: to energize employees and create opportunities for further industry education.

“We are so excited to further their education, and feel that they are great assets to our company and our customers,” said Angela Weil, co-owner of Stone Interiors.

The scholarship opportunity is only one aspect of Stone Interiors’ commitment to continued education for its employees. The company’s founder, G.K. Naquin, frequently holds educational seminars for various departments within the company. These seminars allow for discussions about improving business practices and better serving customers.

By devoting company resources to employee development, Stone Interiors is setting a standard for local businesses that may not have previously invested in professional growth opportunities for their employees.

“Buying or renovating a home is a stressful process, so I try to make it as easy as possible,” said Michelle Moreland, another scholarship winner. “I want to be able to explain why we do things, answer all their questions, and understand how everything works. There is a subtle and fulfilling beauty in helping a mother pick out the perfect countertops for her kitchen or assisting a newlywed couple design their perfect vanity. I am extremely thankful for the experience and opportunity to help others build their lives.”

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