With the summer halfway over and homeowners starting to plan for fall renovations, Ceramics of Italy gathered some of their favorite new kitchen and bath spaces featuring Italian tile. Below are five examples of unique ways to transform kitchens and baths with tiles from Ceramics of Italy member companies.

Create an accent wall with pattern

A clever and sanitary substitute to wallpaper or paint, patterned tile can be used to create an eye-catching accent wall in a bathroom space. This decor from Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s DigitalArt collection creates a kaleidoscope effect with shapes and colors, creating an interesting counterpoint to the minimalist interior.

Play with texture

One way to add depth and drama to a monochromatic space is to create a feature wall using textured wall tile. Available in a crisp white color and special textured surface, the Purestone collection from Ceramiche Piemme transforms this wall into a work of art.

Incorporate dark tones for a strong atmosphere

Dark colors conjure feelings of sophistication and power. This bathroom suite features black tiles from Marazzi’s Landscape collection to create a space with a strong presence for a bi-coastal bachelor.

Get the look of a marble countertop without the fuss

Marble countertops are always in season, but with rosè on the way out and red wine coming back in stock, no one wants to worry about staining the precious, porous stone. Porcelain tiles mimicking the elegant and timeless look of marble, like FLORIM Stone’s Marble Statuario, are an excellent alternative. The large format tiles are available in a range of thicknesses (6-20mm) and marble looks in addition to being stain and scratch resistant.

Use the same tile throughout the house in an open layout

One way to create a fluid environment in a home is to use a consistent material throughout the entire space. The decor of each room may be unique, but with a reoccurring element, the interior is tied together, like these Chromtech/1.0 tiles from Floor Gres, which were used from the front steps to the rear garden.