Located in Hancock Park, a historic and affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA, is a private, 4,000-square-foot open-plan home referred to as “355 Mansfield.” Situated on a 6,753-square-foot lot, the five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom residence incorporates Asian-influenced décor and an Italian vibe that encompasses the Southern California lifestyle. Co-designed by the Beverly Hills-based architectural firm, D.I Group, Inc., and designer Adeet Madan of Adeet Madan Home Design, the home is “characterized by an artful display of lines, shapes, masses, and contrasting colors and materials,” according to a project description.

Madan, who essentially led the design process, has designed a variety of contemporary looking homes that incorporate innovative and unique products. “The overall goal for this project was to create esthetically pleasing spaces by keeping a very natural and clean look,” she said. “We also always try to differentiate our main design concept from the current trends between the builders competing in the surroundings.”

To create a clean, yet inviting look, Madan utilized the industrial-looking, rectified porcelain tiles from Ceramics of Italy manufacturer Refin Ceramiche’s Design Industry, Graffiti, Cromie, Wood2, Larix and Visual collections throughout the entire home. A total of 8,000 square feet of tile was employed throughout the living and dining rooms, lounge areas, bedrooms and bathrooms on the second level, as well as the Japanese-style outdoor garden, pool and patio.

“The tiles were used on the whole first floor, and all of the bathroom floors and shower walls throughout the house,” said Madan. “The pool and outdoor patio areas were done with the specified tiles.”

At the entrance of the home, tiles from the Cromie 3D collection in the color “Fango 04” were employed. The tiles are a neutral color, bordering on the line of a beige and gray. Venturing a couple of feet further into the main area and kitchen is where 30- x 60-inch tiles from the Design Industry collection in “Raw Grey” were utilized on the floors, while the majority of the remaining tile was employed throughout all of the home’s bathrooms.

Private Residence
355 Mansfield, Los Angeles, CA

Architect/Designer: D.I Group, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA; Adeet Madan Home Design, Beverly Hills, CA

Tile Manufacturer:Refin Ceramiche, Italy

Tile Supplier: D.I Group, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA

A variety of collections were utilized throughout the bathrooms in a range of different colors, which give each bathroom a unique, modern look. In the master bathroom, 10- x 60-inch and 30- x 60-inch tiles from the Design Industry collection in “Raw Light” were used on the walls, 30- x 60-inch tiles from the Design Industry collection in “Raw Light” were used on the floors and 10- x 60-inch tiles from the Larix collection in “Natural” were used on the shower wall and floor. In the study bathroom, 12- x 24-inch tiles from the Graffiti collection in the shade “Cenere” were employed on the floor and walls, and 12- x 24-inch tiles from the Graffiti collection in “Cenere Urban” were employed on the study room bathroom’s shower walls. In the first bathroom, 12- x 24-inch tiles from the Design Industry collection in “Oxyde Dark” were used on the floors, while 10- x 60-inch tiles from the Design Industry collection in “Oxyde Dark” were used on the shower walls. In the second bathroom, 30- x 60-inch tiles from the Cromie collection in “Polvere 01,” a light silver color, were used on the floor and shower wall; on the wall adjacent to the shower wall above the vanity, staggered tiles from the Wood2 - Muretto collection in “Dust” were used to create a more textured look. For the floors and shower walls in the final bathroom, 12- x 24-inch tiles from the Graffit” collection in “Grigio” were used.

The outdoor patio and pool area also feature the Design Industry collection, with 10- x 60-inch tiles in “Fresh” and “Raw Grey” used for the patio and 12- x 24-inch tiles in “Raw Grey” for the pool copings. On the second level’s balcony off of the master bedroom, 12- x 24-inch textured tiles from the Cromie collection in “Polvere 05,” a neutral silver color, were employed.

“We always try several options in our overall color palettes and spaces when choosing tiles for a certain area,” said Madan. “The areas are always first designed in a 3-D model with accurate colors. We are always looking for a very thin balance between character and simplicity in our color palettes.”

While completing the project, Madan said she didn’t run into any major challenges or roadblocks, and was onsite regularly to supervise the installation. “The main challenge was to create an overall look that was practical, easy on the eye but at the same time original,” she said. “It was [also] very important to follow up during the installation and make sure that the seams were in the correct locations, the tiles were cut and placed in the right manner, and the overall quality of the work was excellent.”

The residence took a little more than a year to complete, and so far, the reactions have been excellent. “The project got a great amount of attention and the home was sold within a few days,” said Madan. “There are many magazines and blogs whom showed interest in this project. It has been a very satisfactory and rewarding process throughout, and we are hoping to repeat this success in our next project.”

The project was also recognized internationally, since it was chosen as the residential winner of this year’s Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition.