Atlas Concorde recently introduced the Marvel Collections: Marvel Stone, Marvel Gems, and Marvel XL. Marvel Stone, a collection with a range of coordinated marble and stone-effect tiles. The surfaces inspired by marble and stone mix well and come in a palette of hues in gloss and matte finishes. The marble-look porcelain stoneware is available in sizes up to 120x240 cm (47 1/4”x94 1/2”). The wall tiles have a reflective finish in the large 50x110 cm (19 5/8”x43 1/4”) size. Outdoor 2 cm tiles are also available. The stone-look wall tiles, available in three colors, feature the soft finish of brushed stones.

Marvel Gems is a collection of coordinated floor and wall tiles where Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted in a modern key, in line with Italian imagination and tradition. The collection includes ceramic tiles that combine the look of crushed marble with white body and ceramic tiles, featuring shards and fragments replicating marble within a continuous surface.

The porcelain surfaces of Marvel Gems reflect the wide range of colors and sizes of the original Venetian floors. They are available in five colors, Grey, Pearl, Cream, White, and Black, and in numerous sizes up to 75x150 cm (29 1/2”x59”). The porcelain stoneware is available in matte finish in 60x60 (23 5/8”x23 5/8”) and 45x90 (17 3/4”x35 5/8”) sizes. The honed finish is available in numerous formats, from 30x60 (11 3/4”x23 5/8”) to 75x150 cm (29 1/2”x59”). The collection includes Palladian honed porcelain tiles, featuring gray granules with shards replicating white Carrara marble.

Marvel XL is a collection of wide porcelain stoneware slabs available in large formats 120x240 (47 1/4”x94 1/2”) and 120x120 cm (47 1/4”x47 1/4”). Large slabs inspired by precious marble and essential stone can be used on their own or mixed in the space. The surface can withstand heavy weights, impacts, and foot traffic. The maintenance is simple to manage and the surface does not require any treatments once it has been laid. Colors and graphics are consistent and reproducible in subsequent production runs. Thanks to the compact, non-porous surface, the porcelain stoneware does not corrode when it comes into contact with acid products, and it is stain resistant. Marvel XL Marble Effect comes in six colors (Calacatta Extra, Grey Stone, Statuario Select, Cremo Delicato, Bianco Dolomite, Carrara Pure) in a honed finish. Marvel XL Stone Finish comes in four colors (Basaltina Volcano, Cardoso Elegant, Clauzetto White) in matte finish.

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