Following the discontinuation of Rock Buggy, Atlas Copco introduces a new and improved successor, which was first revealed at Marmomac, the annual stone exhibition held in Verona, Italy. The SpeedROC 1F creates parallel and straight holes thanks to its sturdy rail bar and the new COP DS5 rock drill. The COP DS5 is a new rock drill specifically designed to meet the needs of dimension stone quarries. This means high penetration rate, a long service life of rock drilling tools and straight holes. The SpeedROC 1F has a completely new platform based on the well-proven FlexiROC T20 R.

SpeedROC 1F shares the electrical and hydraulic systems, as well as the Radio Remote Control, with the rest of FlexiROC non-cab construction drill rigs. This makes for increased reliability in operations, reports Atlas Copco.

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