FIORANO MODENESE, ITALY -- Atlas Concorde has chosen the international event of Cersaie 2022 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Marvel, its family of marble-look creations, which recounts the story and identity of the brand in the name of the beauty and culture of Italian design. Connecting the past and the future, elegance and personality, internationality and made in Italy, Atlas Concorde presents a wide-ranging creative project with a renewed look that builds on the legacy of Marvel and projects it into the future. The three new celebratory collections will be unveiled at the exhibition, each with its own story to tell: Marvel Gala – “Distinctive Personalities”, Marvel Travertine – “Architectural Soul” and Marvel X “Everyday Extraordinary”.

With Marvel Gala, Marvel puts on an evening gown and its most precious jewels, exploring new languages in the architecture of interior spaces with elegance and a touch of character. An homage to nature with five main stones: marbles, crystals, granites and quartzites with strong, bold tones.
Marvel Travertine, on the other hand, has its own spirit that conveys internationality and design. It recalls the grandeur of travertine and reinterprets it in a contemporary style through the creativity of Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), one of the leading international interior design firms, which exclusively developed a range featuring geometric motifs: Diamond, Origami, Tessellation, Basketweave and Chiselled Urban Grid.
Finally, Marvel X, the tenth collection that connects past and future by bringing together all the successful elements of Marvel. In Marvel X two different styles intersect, two ways of interpreting contemporaneity: one more elegant and distinguished, the other more casual and informal. The former inspired by white tones, the latter by gray tones.
Also joining the anniversary celebrations is Atlas Plan, the Atlas Concorde brand for furnishing surfaces, which presents Caleido and its "Contemporary Mother Nature” communication project. The project features human figures embellished by the colors of Caleido’s surfaces, recounting the transposition of Mother Nature and the reunion of man and nature.
 The 10 years of Marvel represent an interesting pursuit of goals to achieve, a continuous self-improvement, and an extraordinary journey that the company wanted to celebrate in the best way possible. The anniversary and its communications project will be front and center in the exhibition spaces of Atlas Concorde during Cersaie.