CLARKSVILLE, TN -- MILE®stone, with its keen focus on sustainability, is actively taking steps to become completely carbon neutral. As an industry forerunner, the brand has released two new entirely carbon neutral porcelain tile collections – Area 51 and Atelier.

These two new collections add aesthetic diversity to the carbon neutral offering portfolio, now at four total, for beauty, style variety and the environment.   Plaster 2.0, a collection representing Venetian plaster, was the industry’s first and continues to be recognized by numerous awards and accolades. The Native collection emulates natural forestry such as pine and chestnut, given ode to the need to maintain earth’s natural air purifiers – our trees. Area 51 provides a unique graphic as in its name, offered in four colors and two sizes, dubbed as ‘industrial design for any space’. Atelier, (pronounced uh-teh-lee-yay), offers partners in the A&D community a timeless tile for environmentally conscious design. 

MILE®stone believes it’s time to take responsibility.  These collections and other green certifications, including EPD and HPD, embrace the actionable steps taken by the brand to achieve a true focus on sustainable tile.

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