Fireclay Tile has expanded its hand-painted tile line with the Agrarian Collection. Handmade in California, the collection introduces eight patterns influenced by the agricultural landscape surrounding the company’s factory in northern California.

“Inspiration for our latest Hand painted Collection was right in our back yard,” said Jamie Chappell, creative director at Fireclay Tile. “Looking to the rich heritage of agriculture that surrounds our factory in Armoas, CA, the Agrarian Collection pays homage to a place that brings our story to life.”

In designing the collection, Fireclay’s team was moved by aerial photography of geometric crop formations. A bird’s eye-view looking down at the region reveals diverse agricultural patterns. From 10,000 feet above the earth, a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes come together to make an idyllic patchwork quilt effect. The Agrarian Collection pulls inspiration from linear grid patterns, as well as circular pivot shapes, highlighting the dynamic yet structured patchwork of fields, representative of land use in the region.

Available in three colorways, a neutral white, a cool blue-grey or a vibrant warm palette, the geometric designs come in a large format 8”x8” tile, which are glazed by hand on a red clay body, made up of a minimum of 50% recycled content.

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