Founded in 1989, the CFRP Natural Stones Company, located in Andradas, Brazil, specializes in extraction and commercialization of granite blocks. The company currently employs over 100 workers in several areas, such as its quarry, factory and research. “In recent years, our main product, the Imperial Coffee granite, has done well in several markets, including Asia, Europe and North America,” said C. Fernando R. da Paz, principal owner of CFRP Natural Stones. “In December 2015, the company launched its first slab factory in Andradas, MG, with a Pedrini multiwire sawing machine, a 20-head Pedrini polishing line and a Pedrini resin line.

“In addition to our products and services of high quality, we are also highly committed to values regarding safety and respect for life, meaning we will not relinquish, under any circumstances, our employees’ safety,” said da Paz. “People are more important than results or material goods.”

Not only is the company’s main material Imperial Coffee, located south in Minas Gerais, it is also the biggest quarry the company has, with over 75 employees. The operation using diamond wire and drilling is done with a hydraulic rig. The company also has four new quarries: the All Saints Black marble quarry, located north of Bahia, the Salinas Gold, located north of Minas Gerais, the Alaska White, located north of Minas Gerais and the Bege Bahia, located north of Bahia. The other quarries work exclusively with diamond wire. “Our new All Saints Black quarry features a very elegant marble,” said da Paz. “The polishing is very good, and it also accepts leather finishing.”

The Imperial Coffee quarry produces 10,000 cubic meters of material a year, while the other quarries produce less than 50 cubic meters of material a month, because they are new. “Even though you could find CFRP’s Imperial Coffee in big distributors in the U.S., its operation was not ready to export directly until the resin line was installed in December last year,” said da Paz. “Now it hopes to export directly to more distributors.”