The LTZ-8221 from Marmo Meccanica-NA is a multi-head stone profiling and polishing machine with the ability to process round and flat edges up to 10 cm. The LTZ utilizes a revolutionary direct-drive lever system for its oscillation beam, which allows for high-speed precise movement and guarantees a top-quality finish. The innovative front edge grinding feature allows for one-step processing of laminated pieces, eliminating the need to saw cut the front edge prior to profiling. The PLC system allows for Start/Stop procedures for processing L-shape counters and allows for creating a library for storing profiles. All positions are electronically controlled, allowing for automatic set up to change from one profile to the next. Micro-oscillation is a standard feature for processing flat edge profiles on the LTZ. Fully backed and supported by Marmo Meccanica Parts & Service, who is celebrating over 20 years of continuous presence in North America.