The Egil 700 CN2 from Gmm S.p.A. is an ultra-modern machine for dimensional work with highly dynamic 5-axis machining for jobs with stringent demands on contour accuracy. It has drive technology on all axes for best quality surface finish and maximum dynamics, and 1300 Inch/Min feed, 98 Inch Y-axis run as standard, but can be extended upon request. Additionally, it has longer Z-axis run (27 ½ inch) and faster movement (230 inch/min feed).

The innovation in this latest model retunes both the design concept and the structural profile — once again these elements making the machine another extraordinary object of Gmm, having no equals in the market of its category.

The upgraded solution for linear guide THK (Japan) motion provides original technology in the highest quality for smooth and accurate movement.

Drive technology Girard (France) applied is recognized as a worldwide leader in the high accuracy ( servo-gearheads field with backlash down to 0.5 arc minute.

The innovative Gmm software controller combines familiar programming with improved functions, such as program simulation, cycle restart after power failure and slab probing for miter cutting.

The new version of the Egil 700 will be on display at Marmomacc 2017.