The LCV-711M-V/O fromMarmo Meccanica NAis an alternative to the “V-Grooving” method, and permits polishing on a continuous mode to produce “L” borders ready to be glued ontokitchen countertops.

Features include:

  • Processes the sole narrow strip rather than the entire slab
  • Easier way to glue the two pieces
  • A nearly invisible seam
  • Maintains all the features of an edge polisher for slabs up to 60 mm thick
  • Flat edge polishing and chamfering of strips 45 mm minimum width
  • Processing of two orthogonal cuts on strips 45 mm width (thickness 15 to 30 mm)
  • Chamfering of bordered “L”-shaped pieces (max width of border: 90 mm)
  • The PLC feature permits for start and stop polishing and beveling

The “V-Grooving” process eliminates the need to miter cut on a bridge saw — allowing a bridge saw to be more productive. The LCV-711M-V/O is based on the platform of the highly successful LCV-711M.