Baca Systems, a leading supplier of Robotic SawJet Systems and the home of the Robo SawJet, presents the Miter Saw Excel. Recently, more contemporary design trends with clean lines have become more and more popular. Designers, home owners and fabricators are choosing a mitered edge to achieve that bolder, cleaner, thicker look. The Miter Saw Excel provides fast and accurate miter cuts.

Accurate miter cuts are achieved due to the fixed 45-degree angle of the cutting blade and the straight edge system. The front edge stopper allows material to be positioned accurately while the table and the pneumatic clamps help flatten the material so that there is no movement. A range of material thicknesses and hardness are accommodated with less chipping and cut deflection because of the small diameter continuous ring diamond tipped blade dedicated for mitering. Material is loaded polished face down; this eliminates cutting errors that can arise due to small variations in material thickness along its length.

Using the Miter Saw Excel in conjunction with the Robo SawJet, Baca Systems has provided fabricators an innovative fabricating solution to miter edges without stopping or slowing down production. The Miter Saw Excel is a machine that will boost their production and give them a competitive edge in the market place.