The Achilli MBS IG bridge saw, exclusively offered by Lackmond Stone, is designed with a touch screen and a mobile bridge. It can fit blades from 14 to 20 inches, and is equipped with a 3-Phase, 15 HP motor. The MBS IG is engineered with a motorized head with variable speeds on three travel axis, X, Y and Z. It has a tilting and rotating work table, which features a hydraulic tilt of the table, up to 85 degrees.  

The Achilli MBS IG bridge saw is manufactured with a compact sturdy steel frame with ceramic coating to protect from slurry and debris. It has E-Chains to protect and guide moving cables. The MBS IG has a manual head tilt from 90 to 45 degrees. It is equipped with a laser alignment device mounted on the cutting head to achieve effective cutting optimization.

The Achilli MBS IG bridge saw is fitted with a remote control unit which is connected to the electrical panel by cable. This enables quick head movement when the operator is working far from the control position.

  • Head forward and reverse buttons on the X-axis
  • Bridge forward and reverse buttons on the Y-axis
  • Main motor raise and lower buttons on the Z-axis
  • Main motor stop-push button