The Hercules® Versatile is a fast and safe hydroplaning router from Braxton-Bragg, which can be used in practically any shop without installing the special voltage regulators or three-phase wiring required by other models of routers, according to the company. It excels at milling and shaping granite or marble slab edges.The Hercules Versatile

Connect the Hercules® to a standard GFCI circuit, and it works quickly and safely on your choice of profiles or slab thickness. Additionally, the 22-mm tool holder shaft with 10-mm female thread accepts virtually any brand of bit, making this the most popular and versatile router Braxton-Bragg offers.

The hydroplaning system used on the Hercules Single Speed model has been tested and perfected after years of industry use, reports Braxton-Bragg. A quick-connect water fitting allows fabricators to tap into a common faucet water supply — in the shop or on the jobsite. Variable Speed Hercules Edge Profiling Machines with control unit 220 volt, single-phase power required.

The Hercules® Versatile comes with a 12-month warranty.