In designing the Revolution, Sasso engineers set out to create a machine that would not only process all the common edge profiles, but would also be capable of processing an eased edge with a small radius at an incredible 24 inches per minute. To meet this goal, they began with a large galvanized frame (all Sasso framework is galvanized for machine longevity) and equipped it with a six-head toroidal spindle group that moves in an arc for radius edges, along with a five-head flat spindle group that micro-oscillates for a superior polish. This combination of toroidal and flat spindle groups would prove to be key in processing eased edgework fast and efficiently. Sasso engineers also added four beveling spindles for heavy edge stock removal, a calibration spindle for calibrating the edge thickness and removing fiberglass backing, bringing the total spindle count to an astounding 15. For fabricators who “rod,” the Revolution can also be equipped with a spindle-mounted rodding blade for cutting reinforcement channels in the countertop pieces.

With the introduction of the Revolution, Sasso USA has once again provided fabricators with a machine that will boost their production and give them a competitive edge in the market place.