Lackmond Products, Inc., a leading supplier of diamond tools, carbide tools and equipment, recently created a joint venture with Delta designing a new 10” wet tile saw. The Beast10, 10” tile saw offers the largest rip and diagonal cutting capacity in its class, and weighs only 84 pounds, according to Lackmond Products, Inc. It is capable of performing a diagonal cut on a 24- x 24-inch tile, and it can execute a 34-inch rip cut (39-inch rip with plunge).

Lackmond’s new 10” Beast tile saw is designed with a heavy-duty rail system, engineered for exceptionally straight, accurate and smooth cuts. It is equipped with a powerful tilting 15 AMP motor to ensure accurate 22 ½- and 45-degree bevel cuts. The Beast10 comes with a removable table extension for large-format tiles and an innovative snake pipe water nozzle, which allows for precise water control and placement. The durable steel pipe saw frame is constructed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Lackmond Products offers a three-year warranty on the Beast10 10” wet tile saw.