Tenax diamond brushes can be used on existing tools that are used every day in fabrication shops to create antique finishes on slabs. Grits used to create a typical antique finish:

  • Start with Filiflex 36, 46 and 60 grit.
  • Finish with Airflex 120, 220 and 300 grit.

Higher grits are available to create a “caress,” or polished finish.

Made with many narrow bristles, the Tenax Filiflex removes material more aggressively and cuts deeper to create a nice antique look. Airflex Snail Lock grits are 36, 46, 60.

Airflex brushes remove the “softer” material in the stone to create a beautiful texture while enhancing the natural color in the stone. It adds color and forms a beautiful soft antique look.

The Tenax Airflex Snail Lock grits available are: 120, 220, 300, 400, 300Lux, 400Lux, 600Lux and 800Lux.