As the leader in the diamond tooling sector for over 35 years, Dellas S.p.A. has recently developed specific products for CNC machines, particularly for machining engineered stone. The new CEF (Cut EasyFast) line has been designed to exceed performance standards. Dellas reports that most users today prefer tools that can operate at high cutting speeds, a feature that normally does not ensure long-life of the cutter. Addressing this, Dellas has focused its research on the most important tool for CNC machines - the cutting mill.

According to Dellas, this tool is considered by many users as one of the most critical, often seen as the “machining bottleneck.” One of the main problems is its difficulty in reaching high cutting speeds on artificial products such as engineered stone.

Dellas has developed the CEF line - consisting of cutting mills with five segments inclined at 10 degrees and correctly positioned on the body - in order to allow precise water distribution and assist swarf clearance. Dellas reports that testing on the tools has shown that the new CEF line cutting mills are able to machine at processing speeds higher than reference benchmarks, while still maintaining yield.

The reduction of machining cycle times due to higher cutting speeds results in lowered machining costs and added value in the finished product, Dellas reports.