The design evolution in stone brought by Quantra`s Renaissance collection has been jeweled by its design - Antonio. Inspired by the work of Italian painter, Antonio Pollaiuolo, the design brings out the calmness of white highlighted with fashionable yet challenging geometrical patterns of gold and gray veins ornamenting the product.  

The surface is an assurance of great design with technical capabilities of quartz and a perfect choice for your kitchen top.

Water Absorption by EN 14617-1:- ~0.02%
Density by EN 14617-1:- ~2.3gm/cc
Flexural Strength by EN 14617-2:- ~70 N/mm2 for a 2cm surface
Impact Resistance by EN 14616-9 :- >9.8J for a 2cm surface
Chemical Resistance by EN 14617-10 :- Class C4 
Surface Burning by ASTM E-84 :- Class A