The Rock Jockey Product by Stone Pro Equipment is now available from Braxton-Bragg. Moving material using the traditional two-man team has long been one of the stone industry’s leading causes of injury and even a possible loss of life. Up until recently, there were no other safe mobile alternatives available.

Stone Pro has developed a new innovative device that allows the forklift operator to safely move material, without the assistance of a handler on the ground. From a safety point of view, eliminating the ground personnel eliminates the risk to them.

The Rock Jockey is a remotely operated attachment, linked between the boom pole of a fork lift and the clamp. The forklift operator can independently control and manipulate the slab’s movement by the touch of a finger. It allows the operator to stay on his machine, release the latch mechanism, lift and control the slab with rotational turning capability at their fingertips.

The Rock Jockey comes in two different versions specific to the brand clamp the facility currently uses. One is designed for the Abbaco 50, and one for the Aardwolf 50 clamp.

This device is designed for slab warehouse and fabrication facilities. Patent pending.