Simple patterning is not enough. Patterning technology has been around since the 1960s, however, the performance gained through even distribution of the diamond grit did not justify the added complexity in manufacturing. Through the years of intensive research and development, the engineers at ZenesisTMhave refined their proprietary patterned diamond technology to achieve maximum cutting performance without sacrificing life or quality of the cut. The company’s pattern exposes the ideal number of the highest quality diamonds throughout the life of the tool, providing consistent performance from start to finish.

By combining layering techniques with an extraordinary degree of precision, Zenesis ensures that its high-quality diamonds will always be evenly exposed throughout the segment to allow faster cutting and efficient debris removal. Moreover, it has rigorously exacted its manufacturing processes to ensure a perfect pattern – cut after cut.

The new Black 4 bridge saw blade from Zenesis utilizes these technology advances to provide two distinct advantages for the fabricator: 

  • Faster feed rates: over 15 feet per minute cutting the hardest materials
  • The Zenesis Black 4 will cut quartzite, as well as granite and engineered stone