New Z-Series diamond tools from Zenesis are extremely high-quality products at surprisingly affordable prices.

Zenesis Z-Core stone core bits are designed to go through all natural and engineered stones effortlessly. The turbo segments cut clean and fast. Added brazed diamonds outside the barrel prevent binding in the hole. Brazed diamonds on the inside make core extraction easy. Great dry or wet.

Zenesis Z-Turbo blades are designed for the discriminating professional. New Z pattern turbo rim greatly reduces chipping.

Zenesis Z-Pattern bridge saw blades tested best for CNC and robo saws. Patented Zenesis pattern diamond segments guarantee supreme quality and consistency from beginning to end. 18mm segments deflect less when miter cutting than mega segment blades and still give long life.

General Tool put the challenge to its engineers to create more affordable products without sacrificing the quality that Zenesis is known for.