Nicolai Diamant now offers sets with fewer tools needed. Even with less tools, this sequence provides quick results and high-quality edges. These sets consist of 4 diamonds + 1 polisher. First, the 4 diamond tools run at a higher speed to create a beautiful edge in a timely manner. Next, the ultra-fine 5th metal is ran to eliminate lines on the profiles edge. Finally, the polisher runs along to create a mirror-like finish. On top of the fast cutting and speedy results, Nicolai Diamant has also made their tools eco-friendly with no cobalt and no nickel in the bond.

EDM Services:

Have your tools been running for a while? Nicolai North America, located in Grand Rapids, MI, provides an EDM tool re-true service. This service can be used two to three times and is able to prolong the life of the tools. With a 10-business-day turnaround, Nicolai North America’s EDM service is much faster than other providers. To begin the process, tools are examined using a Zares II Advanced Tool Checking System. This system provides a 3-D view of the tools for precise measurements. After this data is collected, calculations are made by the technician. Next, the tools are placed in our EDM machines with copper molds to shape them back to life. Once complete, the tools are inspected and cleaned. Lastly, new labels and drawings are printed for easy set-up on future jobs.