Techni Waterjet has introduced its latest and most innovative waterjet cutting machine. The StoneMaster is specifically designed for the stone and tile industry and can easily cut from 1- to 100-mm-thick stone pieces without any set up changes. The waterjet is ideal for backsplashes, countertops, showers, flooring and much more.

The StoneMaster comes standard with easy slide rubber slat covers designed by Techni Waterjet to reduce scratching of the stone, as well as air tight bellows, Techni’s inventive break-away head and Softec StoneMaster software specifically developed to make quick and simple programs for tile and stone components. Techni’s patented Ezy Load material handling solution allows stone to be loaded in a vertical plane, and automatically lowers the stone into a horizontal position inside the tank.

Available options include the PAC 60 five-axis cutting head, submerged cutting and Tech-Sense.