Anver Corp.- Modular Lifter-Tilters

Product Description: A line of standard, modular lifter-tilters that are offered with either electric or compressed-air power for handling heavy sheet weighing up to 2,000 pounds is available from Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA.

Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters let one person manipulate heavy sheet from the horizontal to the vertical and back while using a remote control. Offered in electric- and compressed-air powered versions, they are equipped with four large rectangular suction pads with bonded seals, non-skid surfaces, and shallow lips to evenly distribute holding forces.

Featuring a check valve and built-in vacuum loss sensor with audio-visual alarms for optimum operator safety, Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters are offered in 500-, 1,000- and 2,000-pound capacities. They are modular, with 2-, 3- and 4-pad designs and adjustable cross arms for handling sheet up to 8 x 10 feet. Applications include stone, steel, composite and glass panels. 

Beckart Environmental - 100% Zero-Discharge Water Recycling System

Product Description:Designed for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, the Hy-Pack® system from Beckart Environmental filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below 1 micron, and routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication process. Among the system’s features and benefits:

• Helps minimize water costs with reuse and recycle

• Expandable filter presses to grow with your business

• Designed for flow rates of 10 to 200 GPM

• Solids filtered water down to below 1 micron

• Dry, landfillable filter residue

• PLC-controlled automatic operation

• Forkliftable sludge carts

• Factory-trained field service technicians worldwide

These fully automated systems include company-engineered PLC control panels, and fabricators deal directly with the manufacturer throughout the planning, installation and support phases of all critical equipment. All systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional support technicians for years of reliable service. 

Blick Industries - Vertical Splash Cup

Product Description: The Vertical Splash Cup from Blick Industries instantly turns any bridge saw into a splash splitting machine. Users can cut down the splash to any desired thickness - 3 cm to 2 cm, etc.

Using the Vertical Suction Cup in conjunction with the company’s Venturi Manifold, operators can instantly create vacuum on any bridge saw, with no additional vacuum pump needed. Optional holes on the base plate allow users to permanently mount the Vertical Splash Cup on the bridge saw table or to a fixture that can be easily set up and removed as desired.

Braxton - 3-Step Wet and Dry Polishing Pad Systems

Product Description:The Viper 3-Step Wet and Dry Polishing Pad Systems from Braxton-Bragg cuts polishing time by 50% while achieving a superior polish. A special manufacturing process was developed for the stone industry, in which 60% of the pad weight is diamond concentration - the highest concentration possible with current technology. Normally, skipping steps would result in scratches too deep to be polished out, but the Viper 3-Step pad design allows the fabricator to skip steps, saving time and money, Braxton-Bragg reports. In addition to reducing labor costs, the Viper 3-Step System reduces inventory complexity and simplifies ordering. Its designed for granite and other hard stones and can achieve a gloss meter reading of 95-98 with wet pads and 90-95 with dry pads. A video the of the Viper 3-Step can be viewed at

Continental Diamond - Bridge Saw Blade

Product Description: As one of Continental Diamond’s newest “S” series of products, the Terminator Xtreme “S” reflects a heightened level of performance to anything else seen in the market today. The Xtreme “S” has a radical segment design that not only allows it to cut faster, but also with less chipping. The angled segment also provides a smooth entrance point into any surface. This revolutionary design is perfect for cutting those very hard and exotic granites that have given fabricators trouble in the past. As an especially free cutting blade, it is also an ideal choice when mitering. The Terminator Xtreme “S” is recommended for saws with 20 to 25 horsepower or greater and is available in sizes of 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches. 

Diamax - Flat Resin Cup Wheel

Product Description:Cyclone’s flat resin cup wheel from Diamax now comes with water veins for those who like to grind with a wet option. New water veins channel water to evenly cool the grinder and dramatically extend the life of the product. It also helps capture more harmful dust, making the process safer. Since the channels are internal, there is no water planing effect. Just a precise grind with plenty of feel in course, medium and fine

Granite City Tool - Vacuum Lifters for Stone

Product Description:Granite City Tool has announced the addition of Aardwolf vacuum lifters. Aardwolf, the premier manufacturer of stone material handling equipment, has launched a line of vacuum lifters for the stone industry. They are designed to pick up both smooth polished surfaces as well as rough materials with textured surfaces. The lifters can be powered by compressed air or a 220-volt electrical supply. The units have two pneumatic pistons, enabling vertical-horizontal tilting from 0 to 90 degrees driven by a joystick. The lifters are also outfitted with stainless steel vacuum tanks. In the event of a loss in air pressure, the tank will hold enough air to allow the operator to safely unload the material using the reserve tanks. Gauges have been provided along with an acoustic alarm for vacuum loss. An optional cart on wheels has been engineered to store the lifter while it is not in use, thus prolonging the life of the pads.

GranQuartz - CNC Vacuum Pods

Product Description:Exclusively from GranQuartz., ADI® Vacuum Pods are precision manufactured in Italy to the exacting OEM specifications of the industry’s top stone machinery manufactures. ADI vacuum pods feature anodized aluminum with vulcanized rubber on the top and bottom plates, and they also feature double-sealed replaceable rubber gaskets and a modular design for low shipping costs, easy replacement of damaged components, and the ability to assemble custom pod 

Groves - Universal Storage System

Product Description: The Universal Storage System from Groves Incorporated is a low-cost, high-strength solution for storing finished pieces, cut-offs, remnants and more. It features extruded aluminum rails for strength and reduced weight. Its 40-inch long, 1-inch-diameter galvanized steel posts provide long life in the harshest environments. The outside rails are designed to accommodate 2 x 4s in a retention slot for cushioning products. Removable posts simplify loading and unloading. Rails measure 6 inches wide x 3 inches high and 60 inches long, and they can be butted together to achieve any desired length. 

Laser Products - Laser templating system

Product Description: By continually developing and improving the LT-55XL, Laser Products Industries has developed a system that is a continual leader in quality and features.

The LT-55XL Precision Laser Templator lets the user walk off any jobsite with a DXF file in under 15 minutes, making it the fastest digital templating system on the market. Users can also produce estimates on the jobsite and have customers sign off directly on the machine, saving paper and allowing the user to e-mail the entire job back to the shop to start products. Meanwhile, the templator can head to their next job, making it the greenest digital templating system in the market.

The LT-55XL is made in the U.S., and Laser Products reports that its customers have praised its service as a leader in the industry. Professionals who have never seen the LT-55XL in action can visit and watch its videos. An informational DVD packet is also available.

Miles Supply - Polishing and Grinding Head

Product Description: Miles Supply’s PadheadTM is the latest in polishing head technology. The Padhead is a patented polishing and grinding head designed to increase production while lowering costs at the same time. The Padhead is proven on line machines and single-head changing machines as well as floor grinding machines. The Padhead utilizes a combination of both metal and resin pads in order to grind and polish any surface.

The Padhead is produced in the U.S., and Miles Supply reports that the cost is up to 50% less than competitive polishing heads while being easy to maintain and repair. The Padhead can be adapted to nearly all polishing machines and floor machines with ease.

To learn more about Padhead and the many other innovative products Miles Supply carries, contact one of the company’s location in Barre, VT; Elberton, GA; Cold Spring, MN; or Montrose, PA. 

Nicolai Diamant - CNC Profile Wheels

Product Description:Nicolai Diamant has strived to put its money where its mouth is. It reports that users with a quality CNC can achieve a finished edge without hand touch-up required. Pictured above is Absolute Black with a FZ profile run on a Northwood CNC without any hand touch-up.

Nicolai works hard at delivering a professional finished product time and time again, and it guarantees it. Upon proper set-up, continuous diamond tools exceed 8,000 lineal feet of life, with high-gloss resin wheels producing up to 2,500 lineal feet of life.

For shops looking for custom shapes to set themselves apart in the marketpace, Nicolai can produce custom wheels an average of two weeks after confirmed drawings. Marble tools for 5-axis projects are a specialty of Nicolai as well. Inline diamonds and combo polishers and bridge saw blades are also a part of its repertoire of products. 

Pearl - Trimmable Discs

Product Description: Pearl Greenback™ Zirconia Maxidisc™ with Easy Trim backing were designed to save time and money. Greenback’s nylon Easy Trim backing allows users to shave off the green backing as the flaps wear down, exposing more flap length. This translates into fewer wheel changes, saving users downtime, thus reducing product usage and labor cost. Available with Quickmount™ 5/8-11 thread, Greenback is reinforced with fiberglass, this giving the disc more strength and durability than a plastic-backed disc, even under the most severe conditions. The best zirconia grains, on a special combination polyester/cotton flap, hold the grain more securely and resist clogging. Greenback’s polyester/cotton flaps cushion the backing, thus reducing vibration and noise. Greenback’s exclusive outer coating, over the best premium Zirconia grains available, make the Pearl Abrasive Greenback Maxidisc™ flap disc run cooler and last longer as well as providing lubrication to prevent burn marks and discoloration of the finished material. The product is for use on: metal, iron, steel, stainless steel, ferrous metals and hard materials. 

Regent Stone Products- Portable Router

Product Description:Regent Stone Products is proud to offer the Diasant 6000 Portable Router. The Diasant 6000 is an edge-profiling and polishing portable router for marble, granite and concrete countertops. This powerful 4-horsepower, two-speed, 220-volt, three-phase router makes work easy for granite kitchen fabricators. Designed with enhanced structural components, the Diasant 6000 is arguably the most rugged router available today, Regent reports. This router utilizes a hydroplaning base plate and has the capability to run any manufacturer’s router bits. It also features a one-year warranty with parts available exclusively at Regent Stone Products. For a view of this and all the products in the Diasant line visit  

Wood's Powr-Grip - Bridge-Style Vacuum Base

Product Description: The VB2TL6MAN is a lightweight, portable bridge-style vacuum mounting platform for a drill stand from Wood’s Powr-Grip. The vacuum base features two 6-inch (15 cm) Powr-Grip vacuum cups with movable pads, capable of spanning countertop cut-outs, defects or other obstacles on the stone surface. The lever used to tighten the drill stand in place features a ratchet design, which facilitates one-hand adjustment in tight quarters. This vacuum base will accommodate a 1-inch (25 mm) diameter drill press shaft, and outriggers on the vacuum cups prevent twisting or rotation of the spanner beam during extended drill engagement. The mounting platform perfectly fits the Makita Model 43 Drill Press, which accepts most electric drills up to ½-inch (12 mm) drive.