For owners of Omni Cubed Sink Hole Savers (SHS), the SHS Backsplash Mount Bracket is now available for easier manual polishing of backsplash pieces. The mount brackets attach to any length of SHS rail (4, 6 or 8-foot lengths) to create a versatile backsplash polishing stand which can be easily mounted to work benches, truck tailgates or walls. The unit securely holds pieces at the desired height and at any polishing angle (0 to 90 degrees of adjustment). There are no worries of backsplash breakage; the SHS provides protection of the piece during polishing. One set includes two mount brackets for use with one SHS. The product is made in the U.S.

Laser Products Industries has been hard at work making updates on the LT-55 XL Precision Laser Templator, the company reports. Some of the most recent updates include slab layout, alternate cut sheets and encryption. With slab layout, users can arrange individual pieces to determine how many slabs they will need to sell the customer. Alternate cut sheets allow the fabricator/estimator to have several different printouts depending on what information they need to show the customer as well as the sawyers fabricating the job. Encryption (possibly the most important, according to the manufacturer) allows fabrication shop owners to ensure that their templators do not moonlight on the side. All .dxf files produced with the LT-55 XL’s can be encrypted so that no other outsourced company can open and fabricate from them - keeping the user’s business private.

On the hardware side, besides the switch from the HP PocketPC to Samsung Q1 Ultra TabletPC, the most welcomed enhancements in the hardware has been the integrated camera. With the built in camera, templators can save photographic information from every jobsite.

In total, over 280 updates have been made within the past 12 months. The majority of these have come at the request of customers, making the LT-55 XL a customer-developed and driven templating system.

The Generix 4-inch wet diamond-polishing pad from Domain Industries is a premium pad with a 3.5 mm thickness that offers outstanding value and great lifespan, the manufacturer reports. Grits range from 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 with white and black buff pads available.

Tile Redi, a manufacturer of pre-formed, one-piece shower pans for time and labor-saving installations, has announced that its patented line of shower modules and allied products are now available on The Home Depot Web site

Contractors looking to save time and money on large-scale commercial projects, or DIY homeowners can simply log on to The Home Depot Web site, click on “Baths” and then “Showers,” and then by clicking on the first option listed “Bases,” they simply scroll through to purchase the Tile Redi line of shower pans with fully integrated, pre-pitched drains that are ready to receive ceramic, glass or stone tiles immediately after being installed.

Other options to purchase Tile Redi products online searching the site for the brand name by simply entering “Tile Redi,” or searching under “More Ways to Shop” and entering Tile Redi. In addition, Tile Redi’s innovative Redi-Flash waterproofing flashing system can also be easily found and purchased with a simple search.