VIC International now offers a new water recycling system designed for the smaller shop, generating up to 20 gallons per minute of water containing stone slurry. This new system is the brainchild of John Schubert, the designer of the now famous SlurryClean and MicroClean systems that are working successfully in many shops around the country, according to VIC International. One is a 200-gallon-per-minute shop.

The new system, named the MiniClean, is a completely closed loop system that can provide the shop owner with water down to any particle size that is desired. Its small “footprint” lets the unit fit into the tightest spaces. It consists of a main mud collection bag followed by a channel weir, a clarifier plate section/weir and then the final filter with two housings that allow 1 to 100 micron filter packs, depending on the requirements of the shop and equipment.

A unique and patent-pending feature of the MiniClean is its “spray jet” nozzle system that permits the main bag to “weep” at a rate allowing maximum slurry flow through the system, reports VIC International. A patent is pending on this system.

Now the owner of a shop - no matter what the size - can solve EPA and OSHA issues by choosing from the family of Schubert/VIC systems that best fit the requirements of his or her shop.