The ZEDA 39 CN2 - CNC bridge saw machine from Gmm S.p.A. is equipped with six interpolate axes. The machine, which Gmm states is “bringing stoneworking out of the stone ages,” has a maximum blade Ø 1,300 mm (51 inches) and its head rotates 370 degrees. Additionally, it has automatic tilting from -15 degrees through to +105 degrees, vertical travel up to 1,600 mm (63inches) and a CNC lathe 1,200-mm (48-inch) diameter.

Other features include:

  • Helical cut rack and pinion gears
  • ISO 50 spindle torque of 285 Nm at 960 RPM maximum speed 8,000 RPM and 24 tool position changer
  • Tool diameter control and slab thickness automatic measuring
  • Standard interface across all the Gmm CNC generation of machines allows for speedy support and rapid trouble shooting via the standard remote access feature
  • Ultra-strong structure for the heaviest work demands and precise dynamic integral six axes control for small carving details
  • Unique system of direct return to work position in case of power failure requires no zero axis research
  • Alphacam Ultimate Dedicate software with extended 3D format upload
  • Machine-mounted scanner for easy extreme detail scanning/replication.