The Luna 540 is the latest model of edge polisher from Montresor, available from Salem Stone. This innovative small-sized bullnose machine is the product of years of experience and research, culminating in a machine that offers as much versatility and performance as the larger Luna 740, the company reports. This versatile polisher is capable of processing backsplashes as well as conference room tables. At the heart of the Luna 540 is Montresor’s unique polishing head rotation system. According to Salem, this forward-thinking design has greatly simplified this typically complicated area by eliminating the majority of expensive moving parts.

Technical Specifications

• Overall dimensions: 13 feet, 8 inches x 6 feet, 5 inches (4,160 x 1,920 mm)

• Useful working length: Limitless

• Useful working width: 7 inches to 17 feet, 4 inches (180 to 2,200 mm)

• Useful working thickness: 15 to 40 mm (bullnose); 10 to 40 mm (straight edge)

• Production speed per minute: 6 to 78 inches (150 to 2,000 mm)

• Total power (kW/Hp) 20 kW/27 horsepower

• Maximum water consumption: 80 liters/minute

• Maximum air consumption: 100 liters/minute

• Weight: 8,140 pounds (3,700 kg)