Northwood has combined the power of Extreme Duty Spindle (EDS) technology with the brand new High-Torque SmartSaw to create an all-in-one machine, the SW138-UFC Ultimate FabCenter. The SmartSaw has the ability to monitor digital torque feedback and optimize the cutting speed, thus extending blade life and producing the highest quality parts. It is designed to let stone operators take the guesswork out of sawing speeds by allowing the machine to automatically set the feed rate dependent on stone density.

The concept of the all-in-one machine was produced by Northwood to allow for small work cell production. This allows large companies to set up satellite shops or even new companies to open their doors with a single piece of CNC technology. The Ultimate FabCenter is capable of processing the entire slab from start to finish. The machine is built on proven mono-block design that has been tested now for 10 years. The industry leading Fanuc CNC controls and servo motors along with precision ground ball screw drive system provide the FabCenter with accuracy and reliability unmatched by the competition.

Northwood also provides innovative software that was designed to allow easy programming and machine operation. StoneVision, built on the AlphaCAM engine, is capable of automatically programming the saw to cut up the slab with high precision, thus maximizing yield. The Stone Fabricator Interface (SFI) allows the user to manage tools through the Automatic Tool Management (ATM) system and run programs through the standard wireless barcode technology.