Park Industries hosts Digital Stoneworking Expo

ST. CLOUD, MN - Park Industries, one of the largest manufacturers of stoneworking equipment in North America, recently hosted a Digital Stoneworking Expo at its facilities in St. Cloud, MN. Attendees from around the country attended the event to network with industry colleagues and preview new technology available on the market, reports Park Industries.

“Our industry is changing at lightning speed,” said Stephanie Kadlec, Park Industries Public Relations Manager. “Today, more than ever, fabricators are focused on reducing production costs. Digital fabrication is the future of our industry. This technology enables fabricators to reduce costs, increase productivity and be more profitable.”

The event included a fabricator presentation on how digital technology has impacted his business. In addition, attendees learned more about digital technology from digital templating through the entire shop process. “I want to be on the leading edge of this business, and this seminar provided me the information I need to transform my company,” commented one attendee.