OMAX® Corp.’s 80X JetMachining® Center with Intelli-TRAX is the newest product in the industry leader’s arsenal of precision abrasive waterjet solutions. Designed with a footprint of 265 x 152 inches (6731 mm x 3861 mm), the 80X is one of the most accurate large-format machines in the company’s line of JetMachining Centers and will make its debut at IMTS (Innovative Management and Technology Services) 2008.

The 80X JetMachining Center is ideal for large-scale precision machining of larger or multiple parts, and is equipped with Intelli-TRAX, an innovative traction drive that not only ensures higher accuracy, but also enables expansion of the cutting envelope to 20 feet, reports the manufacturer. The drive is fully enclosed inside coated steel covers, making the 80X a robust and reliable system that is well suited to harsh environments and requires little maintenance. Additionally, the Intelli-TRAX traction drive enables faster traverse speeds, which can greatly reduce the throughput times when machining multiple and nested parts.

The 80X JetMachining Center features an X-Y travel of 165 x 80 inches (4191 mm x 2032 mm) and comes standard with OMAX Intelli-MAX® Software, which runs on the Windows® XP operating system. The system can calculate the velocity of a tool path at over 2,000 points per inch, allowing for complete control over the motion of an abrasivejet, and enabling precise, rapid machining. Standard features include a programmable motorized Z-axis with precision OMAX MAXJET® 5 Nozzle Assembly, ultra-high pressure direct drive pump and rapid water level control for quiet, submerged cutting.

The 80X has the ability to cut a wide variety of materials, including ceramics, composites, plastic, glass and stone, as well as metals like aluminum, tool steel, stainless steel, mild steel and titanium with an accuracy of motion up to +/- .003 inches. Additionally, it does not require tool changes or complex fixturing, reducing setup times by at least 50%, according to the company.