Surface Pro® Erasor

GranQuartz Stone & Concrete Systems is pleased to announce the introduction of a new diamond disc formulation specifically suited to remove hard-troweled burned concrete finishes. The Surface Pro® Erasor is the latest revolution in the Surface Pro® diamond family.
“Grinding hard-troweled burned concrete finishes has been virtually impossible until now,” said Eric Witcher, Product Manager for GranQuartz. “The Erasor has a proprietary formulation that aggressively grinds these extremely hard finishes. Our diamonds do not glaze up or deteriorate rapidly, which are common results with standard diamond pads. Also, the diamonds are fairly forgiving; even inexperienced operators can grind and polish quickly without leaving gouges.”
The Surface Pro Erasor is available in three sizes: standard 3-inch for floor grinding machines, 5-inch for hand grinders for touch-up work and 7-inch for edge grinding machines.
The industry standard for performance and value, the Surface Pro® diamond product range includes coatings removal, grinding segments and discs, and rigid and flexible polishing pads for any concrete application.