AURORA, IL -- TEC® announces a sweeping new roster of surface preparation products that deliver installation advantages and improved product performance.


The expanded TEC® surface prep line includes 10 new products in five general categories: self-leveling underlayments; skimcoats; patches; crack isolation systems; and specialty products, including wear layer overlayments. The expanded breadth of the new TEC® surface preparation line extends the company's commitment to provide product excellence while helping contractors save time and money. The new line also builds upon the company's leadership position in the grout and mortar product categories.


The new TEC® Level Set® 300 Self-Leveling Underlayment is a premium underlayment that's formulated for fast-track flooring installations. Ideal for quick turnarounds, it is walkable in just two to three hours, and provides a flat, extremely smooth, durable surface. TEC® Level Set® 300 is suited for a feather edge to 2-inch single application and boasts a compressive strength of 5,500 PSI.


The new TEC® Feather Edge Skim Coat is a proven solution that's designed to skim coat, smooth and level irregularities from feather edge up to 12-inch. With exceptional performance and bond strength, it sets in as little as 15 to 20 minutes for most flooring.


The new TEC® Level Set® Deep Pour 3 surface prep solution helps installers power through projects to quickly fill deep trenches up to 3 inches in one lift, without aggregate. Ideal for thick-build applications without comprising return-to-traffic timing, TEC® Deep Pour 3 accepts non-moisture sensitive tile and stone within only four hours.


The extensive new lineup also includes specialty surface preparation products. The new TEC® Level Set® LW-60 is a high-quality, ultra-lightweight self-leveling underlayment that's ideal for multi-level structures where load-bearing restrictions apply. Fifty percent lighter than traditional self-levelers, LW-60 doesn't compromise coverage, traffic or installation time. The new TEC® Level Set® Wear Topping is a decorative concrete finish available in three base colors that accepts stains, sealers and coatings within 24 hours after application. Colorant can be added at time of mixing to bring flair to any concrete floor or other concrete surface.


All TEC® surface preparation products are backed by a limited lifetime system warranty, when used with TEC® adhesives, mortars and grouts.


"The beauty of this new lineup of surface prep products is that it gives customers one source to conveniently obtain a wide range of innovative solutions for their projects," said Kristin Fritts, Director of Marketing for H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc., the manufacturer of TEC® brand products. "These technologies are designed to work well together and receive the full warranty coverage from a company that contractors and installers believe in and trust."


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