The Natural Stone Council (NSC), a collaborative organization representing business and trade associations that promote stone under the Genuine Stone™ brand that formed in 2003, announced the launch of their new Web site - The site, designed specifically for the stone industry and trades, is a central clearinghouse providing overviews of natural stone products and links to more detailed information depending on the type of stone and/or project.

The Genuine Stone™ site, developed in partnership with McKee Wallwork Cleveland, reflects the NSC’s new branding message, “As Genuine as You,” and offers architects, designers and builders solid examples of ways to bring that message to life using genuine stone.

“Our primary goal is to create a one-stop shop for people to find the answers and resources they need with regard to stone,” said Sarah Biondi, account manager at McKee Wallwork Cleveland. “Furthermore, the Web site tackles some of the misconceptions and myths currently in the marketplace about natural stone products.”

The site offers a photo library of stone applications and installations as well as the variety of products available. There is also a section devoted to green building. The section explains what the NSC is doing to establish stone as an eco-friendly building material.

“Our new Web site opens up a vast opportunity for us to create awareness of Genuine Stone™ online,” said Mark Fernandes, chairman of the NSC. “The site will be the go-to internet destination for those in our industry and in the trades interested in learning more about genuine stone products.”