Park Industriesintroduces the Destiny® XE CNC Stonecenter, which has been engineered to increase production capabilities with automatic changing of 50 tools. Users can route and edge straight or decorative radius shapes on 1- to 6-cm stone with just one easy set-up, the company reports.

With built-in Park Stone CAM SFP software, operators can program the Destiny XE by making simple touch-screen selections. The software also converts industry-standard DXF CAD files directly and allows operators to digitize parts on the machine’s integrated laser digitizing system. Users simply “connect the dots,” and they are done.

The automatic, 50-position tool changer has a full-length cover which protects the tooling. Additionally, the Destiny XE has a 200 tool library, making repeat simple and efficient. The Destiny XE also monitors tool wear, allowing the operator to change tools for optimum machine performance and efficiency. The optional overhead laser will increase the efficiency and layout process.

Looking at long-term growth and efficiency, the Destiny XE can be adapted into a future Park Integrated Production System (IPS). The IPS is a “system” approach, integrating software that links machines together, transforming a fabrication shop into a mass production facility. The IPS modular system design allows fabricators to install a Destiny XE with the goal of integrating it into a future Integrated Production System.

The Destiny XE’s computer-controlled, 20-hp spindle runs up to 10,000 rpms, routing and edging straight and decorative radius shapes on 1- to 6-cm stone. The vertical spindle cores a ¼- to 1 ½-inch diameter hole in 2- to 6-cm stone. Overall axis movement is as follows: X axis (crosstravel) has movement of 158 inches and a maximum speed of 2,360 inches/minute; Y axis (gantry) has movement of 136 inches and a maximum speed of 2,360 inches/minute; Z axis (spindle rise and lower) has movement of 12 inches and a maximum speed of 500 inches/minute; and C axis (saw rotation) has a movement of 360 degrees continuous and a maximum speed of 60 rpm.

The Destiny XE comes with a 1398- x 78-inch standard table, with a larger 160- x 96-inch table as an option. The worktable allows the use of multiple vacuum pods with Park’s “air float” stone positioning.

Destiny XE operators also receive a comprehensive customer service provided by Park, including: “Next Day or No Pay” parts guarantee; a limited two-year warranty program; and 24-hour troubleshooting customer support, seven days a week. The Destiny XE also includes a remote operation and diagnostics capability via modem, which allows Park’s customer service department to dial in directly to the equipment for operator assistance.