For years, Ghines has been offering a range of Manual Multifunctional Centers, which are stationary machines engineered to combine the precision work and productivity of a CNC with the flexibility and handwork of portable shape milling machines. The latest addition to this range is the Systar, which Ghines considers to be a “midway” between CNC and portable manual machines.

The Systar has been engineered for easy installation, and it is used for the most frequent activities of a fabrication shop: shaping and polishing internal and external contours (with or without template) on every kind of profile; holes, sink cut-outs and recess drains; grooves (inclined and flat); slots on edges (linear and shaped), etc. The machine can be used for a range of finished products, such as countertops, vanity tops, arches, sills, steps, gravestones and other products.

The motorized spindle is driven by a powerful and reliable hydraulic engine, and it has inside lubrication for CNC and similar tooling, with a simple tool-holder interchange. Additional lubrication is provided with two independent external flexible pipes for other tools.

Systar's operating head is set on high-precision orthogonal guides, and two digital displays visualize the tool position on the X and Y axis in real time. The operating head is lifted with a double safety control, which allows for easy tool replacement.

Other features of the Ghines Systar include:
  • Control panel (24 V AC low tension controls)
  • Spindle rotation speed adjustment with real time display on the digital tachometer
  • Vacuum system controls (on, off, release) with vacuometer for suction cup operation, locking the piece on the workbench
  • Spindle with motorized vertical stroke adjustment, displayed on the scale in real time
  • Two digital real time displays for the orthogonal movement of the operating head, with reset option
  • Pneumatic buttons for stroke locking of the operating head on X and Y axis
  • Two knobs for the micrometric movement of the operating head on X and Y axis with real time display on the digital readout
  • Hardened, anti-corrosion treated, steel slide guides
  • Easy operated lubrication