A new six-page product brochure is now being distributed by Marmo Machinery USA. The tri-fold brochure, entitled “The Guide to Production & Profit Growth,” features descriptions and pictures of the company's bridge saws, polishers, water jet and CNC machines. The brochure also explains how using a Marmo Machinery USA machine will increase productivity and quality, while reducing costs, reports the company.

According to the brochure, Marmo Machinery USA offers the largest selection of automated in-line stone polishing equipment. Its six models of high-production continuous-feed edge machines include the LCT 522 CAI, LTT 621, LCH 711 M, LCV 711 M, LTH 721 and the LCH 711 M-2L (V-Groove).

Additionally, the brochure provides information on the company's three bridge saws, which are the HTO-1/B, the HTO-GARBI and the HTO-2/H.

Marmo Machinery USA's CNC machines for marble, granite and stone are fast, repeatable and programmable, and can function unattended, making it possible to cut, edge and polish quickly and efficiently. CNC milling machines include the CTEC 2, CTEC 3 and CTEC 4, which range from a 110- x 47-inch worktable to a 141- x 62-inch table with an automatic tool changer.

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